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X Mesh. Polymer 3D concrete reinforcement

3D concrete

X Mesh
X Mesh
X Mesh
X Mesh

Fiber X Mesh is intended for 3D concrete reinforcement. Its structure with a rough surface for better adhesion in the concrete matrix is specially designed as replacement for steel alternatives (fibers, mesh, reinforcement) and serves to provide bending tensile strength during bending, increase the ability to absorb energy, increase shock and abrasion resistance, prevent cracking and increase concrete strength.


X Mesh

Fiber X MESH is a textured synthetic macrofiber made from oriented polypropylene copolymer in the form of twisted rigid fibers treated with a special composition that improves adhesion to concrete.


Scope of application X Mesh

Scope of application

  • industrial concrete floors;
  • sand cement screeds;
  • mortars;
  • small architectural forms casted from concrete;
  • parking lots, car parks;
  • road, bridge and airfield surfacings;
  • shortcrete;
  • concrete structural elements of residential and non-residential buildings, tunnels, mines, roads, bridges;
  • hydraulic facilities;
  • bank vaults;
  • concretes of classes B5-B100, etc.

Application effect X Mesh

Application effect

  • volume distribution in a concrete matrix, reduction of cracking and segregation;
  • increase in tensile strength in bending;
  • increased shock resistance;
  • high efficiency of energy absorption at a low gauging;
  • increased fire resistance;
  • corrosion resistance in aggressive environments;
  • lack of wear effect of concrete mixing and feeding units;
  • economic benefits (speeding up work, reducing labour inputs, reducing logistics costs).

X Mesh
X Mesh


Consumption X Mesh

The exact gauging of Fiber X Mesh should be based on the project engineering design and depends on the scope of application, thickness of the concrete coating and the fractional composition of the fillers.

The fibers are evenly distributed both in the ready-mixed concrete and in mixing of dry components in any type of mixer. If you add fiber directly to the concrete delivery truck (comcrete mixer truck) it is necessary to mix at high speeds (at least 70 revolutions). Mixing time should be at least 5 minutes.

X Mesh
X Mesh
X Mesh
X Mesh


Packaging X Mesh



Modern polymer reinforcement technologies in construction and industry


X Mesh
X Mesh

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